Kiran S. Pillai

I am deeply curious about the intricate connections between various aspects of the world—such as the Internet, renewable energy, infrastructure, economic development, political climate, and foreign affairs. I strive to uncover the fundamental links between events, ideas, and concepts, believing that identifying these connections can lead to robust policy solutions.

I graduated as an engineer in 2005 and began my career with L&T, working on significant national projects in India. By 2007, the burgeoning field of Internet marketing captured my interest, leading me to transition into digital marketing and web development agencies.

In 2011, I joined an e-learning research lab at Amrita University in Kerala, where I delved into development and innovation in education technology, healthcare technologies, and cybersecurity. These experiences reinforced my belief that many aspects of our present world require thorough exploration and deep thinking.

Driven by this conviction, I founded Vastuta, a think tank focused on generating actionable ideas and strategies for the 21st century. Currently, I am continuously updating Vastuta with insights on the issues that matter most today. Through Vastuta, I aim to connect diverse concepts and foster innovative solutions that can drive meaningful progress.

Kiran S. Pillai
Founder and Principal Analyst