Vastuta Think Tank:

Aspiring to Innovate in Policy, Economics, STEM and Strategy


At Vastuta, we are driven by the vision of bridging academic research with actionable policymaking to drive innovation and strategic development across various sectors. As an aspiring think tank based in India, we are committed to advancing knowledge and devising sustainable solutions in policy, science, technology, engineering, mathematics economics, STEM, and strategic planning.


Our mission is to foster a collaborative environment that brings together academia, government, and industry, transforming how these pivotal sectors work towards shared objectives. Vastuta aims to tackle some of the most pressing challenges of our times through intellectual rigor and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Our Focus Areas

Policy: We engage in comprehensive research to formulate informed, actionable policy recommendations that enhance governance and societal well-being.

STEM: We support and disseminate research that advances the frontiers of science and technology, prioritizing innovations that have broad societal benefits.

Economics: Our focus on economics centers on promoting sustainable growth and understanding the complexities of India’s dynamic economy.

Strategy: We develop strategic insights that help organizations and government entities make informed decisions that are both effective and progressive.

Collaboration and Impact

Academia: Vastuta actively seeks partnerships with academic institutions to integrate cutting-edge research into our initiatives and provide tangible research opportunities for students and faculty.

Government: We collaborate with governmental bodies to ensure that our research influences policy decisions and contributes positively to legislative frameworks, aiming for outcomes that resonate with public needs and national goals.

Industry: Through collaborations with industry leaders, we aim to transform research into practical, scalable solutions that bolster economic development and industry competitiveness.

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Think Tank -Vastuta

Why Vastuta?

Vastuta aspires to be a leading think tank with the right community of thinkers, innovators, and strategists dedicated to making a significant impact. Positioned at the nexus of rigorous research and practical application, we are committed to leveraging India’s rich intellectual capital to develop policies and strategies that are visionary yet grounded in real-world applicability. Our integrity, pursuit of excellence, and commitment to knowledge drive our efforts forward.

Join us as we aspire to think, innovate, and shape a better future.

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